Tuesday, June 8, 2010

And, we're off!

One of the roots from the tree. Even though it is down, she is still going to put up a fight.
Not much left on the back porch.  The stairs will stay for a while yet until they get under there with the bobcat.
I'm thinking about writing Alanis Morissette for another verse to "Ironic". Isn't it ironic somebody who hates snakes has so many around his house?

Lots of activity today.  The house lifters were there when I got home for lunch, and already the sidewalks were gone, and they were working on the back stoop.  I'm thinking about doing a snake kill count, which would be a total of 8. Sandi got one when we took down the swingset, and they got 7 today so far from under the slab. We also had the electrician here today hooking up power to the garage so we will have power at the house?  I guess we have to say, power at the jobsite since we have no power, no water, no gas. The house is ere right now walking through it.

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