Sunday, May 30, 2010

Back porch removal

We ended up getting a trailer.  Never buy a tool until you need it.  We debated as to whether a trailer was a want or a need.  We had come to the conclusion that it is a need.
Back porch all cleaned off.  I still have the vinyl to remove, but that won't be a problem at all.

Hidden in the roof is a second roof.  Wonderful.

I'm really liking the large freeze board. I have a smaller size on the plans I drew up, I'm going to have to see what a larger one would look like.

This is the progress after Saturday.  It ended up raining on Sunday, and we were both pretty drained from Saturday.  Disposal is also turning out to be an issue.  The nearest landfill is about an hour away, and the transfer station is only open on Friday, Saturday, & Monday.  This being Memorial Day weekend, Monday will be out of the question.

With a three day weekend upon us, it was time to take down the back porch.  As it sits now, it sits on a slab.  We started by removing the vinyl siding.  Found 2 snakes living behind the siding, and found another door.  I love old houses and the cover up jobs that lay beneath.

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