Sunday, May 16, 2010

And so it begins...

Not much left of the roof now. We have it broken up into sizes that the pickup can handle.
Here we hooked the truck up to the porch again to pull it away from the house to make it easier to break down. The tin is being collected by a co-worker, the rest will go to the dump.

Finally the porch surrenders to gravity, and bruit strength.
Well, this was something unexpected. All of the posts are out, and yet the porch still is there. It actually took some doing to get it down.
Posts 3 & 4 are on their way out.
Tow strap+pickup=start of the tear down of the roof.
Our attention is back to the front porch, and we have all of the windows out, as well as the window dividers.
The back of the house without the deck. The door and window will be torn off, and then put back on. That part of the house sits on a slab, and we are going to put a basement under that. We will also change the roof style to tie into the hip on the back of the house and gable the right side. It will be a lot simpler roof when it is all done.
We were a little late with the camera for the back porch, but I think you get the idea as far as size and condition. Small and tired. It came up quite easily.
Inside shot of the porch. The door casing was one of the first things I made in Wayne, and one of my first projects since I've took up woodworking after high school.
The house before we started working on the front porch. We really liked the screened in porch, but I don't think we were ever fond of the storm windows. Sadly, the new porch will not be screened in.
Here is the shot of the house with the pine in the front yard. It is currently the tallest conifer in Wayne that sits on private ground, and sadly, it will be gone it a week or so. I love that it shades the house for most of the morning, but it's just too close to the house as you will see in future pictures.

After 9 years of living in our house, we finally decided that it was time to gain some additional living space. Our kids keep getting bigger and bigger, but our small, 2 bedroom, 1 bath house wasn't. Our yard is small already, so the only place to go was either down, or up. The reason our house wasn't selling in the first place was because of the basement, so we decided to go down which will solve that problem.
Our plan is to take out the tree, remove the back deck, back porch, front porch, lift the house and get a basement under it, redo the roof and front porch, and add the back porch and incorporate it into kitchen space.

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